10 Interesting Facts About Motorsports

Motorsports world has a number of competitive events like sporting and racing that involves the use of motor vehicles the vehicles used are commonly motorcycles or automobile which comprise of trucks, aeroplanes, drones and sometimes lawnmowers. The body that governs auto racing in the world is (FIA) the international federation while the body governing motorcycle is known as (FIM) federation of international motorcycle. Auto racing is one the most popular sports globally which have an expenditure of around five billion dollars. The most advanced auto racing in the world is formula.

Other auto racing sets include enclosed wheel racing, sports car racing, stock car racing, off-road racing air racing, motor rallying and others. Here are 10 interesting facts about motor sports.

Contributes to the economy

The motorsports industry from British has given employment to over 38500 people and they inject around 5 billion to the economy.


Normal tires usually lasts amid 35000 and 60000 miles while racing car tires last for as little as 30 to 200 miles. Racing car tires which are used in top motorsports are customarily filled with nitrogen as an alternative of compressed air so as to achieve more consistent tire pressure.  The racing tire is softer than the standard tire with around 1 to 1.5 seconds faster. The big alteration is just with seconds.


Motor sports start with children and they can start when they are of 8 years old with participants who are from different age groups. It has brought about rivalry not between drivers but between the cars.

Features used

In the 1990s rear mirrors were introduced and their main course was to show whether the racing drivers competitor were attaining on them.


In the UK, the motorsports registered clubs have a membership of over 200000 members and the clubs are also more than 700.

Anyone can learn

Motor sports can be a challenging piece of skill but with interest, you can gain a lot of experience. Sebastian Loeb before he became a nine times world rally champion, he used to be a gymnast. Just make sure you know what cures nausea fast in case you feel dizzy after your first attempts.

It is a source of employment

Motor sports apart from being entertaining and a good way of using leisure, it has offered a lot of people with employment thus raising the economy. Sir Stirling Moss who is a famous racing driver, now works with the children’s TV as a narrator in the series ‘roary the racing car.’


Motor sports had its first constructed race track in Brooklands which was constructed in Weybridge, surrey.

It has one of the most latest trends

When motorsports started one of their major aims was speed but now they are inventing on how they could be slower all in the name of protection. All in all the formula 1 still wins through thus a progress.


Motor sports has brought about inventions through the modern technology that is competitive. It is the secret that is used in the military projects with the likes of formula E or formula 1.