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Fuma Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou National Economic and Technological Development Zone (Changzhou Wujin Development Zone), Jiangsu Province. Changzhou Science and Technology Industrial Park has R&D laboratories. There are more than 20 R&D teams in Fuma. The company relies on the advantages of Fuma Laboratory in technology and scientific research, and has established long-term technology with well-known universities in China. Technical cooperation, development and production of automatic intelligent feeding and fastening machine series are leading in China and even the international industry. Fuma Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. has become a modern high-tech enterprise with multiple intelligences, and has declared to be a national high-tech enterprise.

Mainly engaged in textile intelligent machinery research, design, development, manufacturing, machinery and equipment sales, as well as business-related technical advice, technical services. The company has always adhered to the international standards of management requirements, high starting point operation, high quality management, efficient operation. At present, the company has a number of experts, rich experience in intelligent innovation and R&D, with a broad vision and excellent professional quality. Lean management of each product to ensure high quality and quality to meet customer needs for each project! The company is customer-oriented, independent innovation, to provide technical support and services for global customers.

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