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 ◆ Mechanical programmers (1)

A, responsibility

1, understand the microcontroller programming, and touch screen program design, can skilled application of C51 series.

The use of 2, pneumatic, sensors, and proficient in operation.

Second, the qualifications

1, college degree or above, major in mechanical design, the programming class

2, have an independent design non-standard automation project experience and ability is a plus

Working time: 8:30-17:30pm

Four, salary: 3000-6000 yuan/month

◆  sales representative

★ Job responsibilities:

1, can the independent development of blank market, mining potential customers.

2, regional market investigation and analysis of the company's rules, in a timely manner to collect the feedback to the regional manager.

3, conscientiously implement the marketing strategy of companies and trade promotion strategy, service good dealers and customers, at the same time maintain hospitality love relationship.


1, high school or above, major in marketing or related major, 3 years or above working experience.

2, machinery sales experience is preferred.

★Touch: Ms. Guo

Contact phone:0519-69815716

Working place:Changzhou District of Wujin City West cattle Town Road No. 6

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